“I have been going to Bootcamp for seven months now and it has been lifechanging. I have lost over 4 stone and have never felt so healthy and fit. It’s not just about the exercise-the advice on nutrition and the motivation and enthusiasm of everyone has been fantastic.”


Alex, Haslemere;
I joined bootcamp on the recommendation of a friend about 8 weeks ago (still a bit of a newbie!) I was feeling rather yuk, bleugh and not that great in my fitness, body and mind.  I have now replaced my wine, crisp and nibble addiction with Bootcamp!
The first session was incredibly hard work and I must confess it wasn’t something that I fell in love with straight away.  I was thinking that I’d never be able to do it, comparing myself to others and feeling very self concious and actually rather vulnerable, but it’s so important to keep going and not give up – DO NOT listen to those negative thoughts.  Initially I started with one session a week, thinking it was all I might be able to manage both physically but also logistically. Foolishly I also thought I could continue eating and drinking what I normally did, but your body just doesn’t enjoy working it off so I did the 14 day cleanse and completely detoxed.  Once the caffeine headaches stopped I started to feel so much better, clear skin, bright eyes and oodles of energy!  It appears that the wine & nibbles contributed to my inability to sleep, my sluggish demeanour and general feeling of ‘bleugh’!  Now I actually enjoy a cup of ginger tea and absolutely love creating some wonderful meals with fresh ingredients, beetroot salsa being one of my favorites with fresh fish!
I was starting to really enjoy the sessions so decided to increase to 2 per week and am really feeling the benefits already. So far it seems 6 kilos may have gone, there is still a long way to go but personally I feel so much better in myself. My general fitness has definately improved, I even beat my boyfriend at a game of golf, I didn’t swear once and wasn’t puffed out and tired after! (Bit of a result in itself!)
Have set myself a target and am still working towards it, slowly does it is much better than losing weight fast and putting it on just as quickly.  The combination of the nutrition advice and the great training provided at Bootcamp really helps keep you motivated and focused.  Clare our trainer is awesome and the people who attend are so friendly and welcoming which makes it a pleasure not a chore. You won’t find any glamourous gym bunnies, just people like yourself letting off steam and burning off some energy. It’s great fun, addictive and really good for you!