Surrey Based Personal Trainer with 15+ Years of experience and hundreds of lives and bodies transformed!



Mark Raynsford Dip PT, RMT 

Running BodyFit Bootcamp since 2009, I’m an experienced Personal Trainer of 15+ years from Milford, Surrey. Having coached with some of the best PT’s & coaches in the UK, I have all the tools for our sessions and your results!

Specialising in Fatloss, Mindset and Neuroscience, I’ll help and show you that it’s not just about the workout and the food you do/don’t eat that get’s results! Hence why some days you’re “on it” and others you’re off! It’s all to do with what goes on in the head!
My infectious energy and enthusiasm spreads to those that work with me – you will see!

Check my Personal Training website at www.Markspt.co.uk for more information!

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