Q. I’m not very fit,  and a bit nervous, will I be ok?!
A. Yes!! With BootCamp, everyone will be different. Ages, abilities, fitness levels, weight, everything! You  will work at your own pace through each exercise, while I motivate and correct where needed. By working in a group you will ‘feed’ off the others, and from that ,enjoyment , progress, and success will come! EVERYONE is nervous the first time they try something new, but I promise you at the end of the first session you will already be looking forward to the next! Everything is done for time, so you can work at your own pace, with easier and harder alternatives offered! Take a look at this video to try some exercises/workout at home and get those muscles ready!

Q. So what happens when I signup and pay?
A. You get access to our “Members Only” Forum. This contains everything you need outside of the sessions, from recipes, articles, nutrition plans to home workouts!  We really don’t operate as a “See you next Week” class. We ensure RESULTS by offering you the COMPLETE package!

Q I want to lose fat, will this work for me?
Yes! Like anything in life, the more you put in the more you will get out. Not only does this apply to the exercise sessions, but to your daily nutrition, outside of the workouts. Upon signing up, your into our members forum with EVEYTHING you need to get you dropping body fat fast, and feeling more energetic, and looking great! It is PROVEN, and DOES work! You don’t have to, but if you want REAL results,follow my  guidance and you WILL get your results!

Q. The sessions are only 45mins long, is that enough?
Ask me after the session!! The days of 90mins workouts are gone! The key to results based exercise is INTENSITY! Too many people exercise at a low intensity, with too much of a rest period between exercises. The BootCamp  is short , sharp,  bursts of exercise, to accelerate your metabolism, so that you burn calories during the camp and throughout the next 36 hours! Ensure you arrive 10 mins before the start time as we’ll be straight in with the crucial wamup.

Q. I have an injury, or take medication, will I be ok?
A. Feel free to email me via the website to ask any specific questions. Upon signing up, I will send everyone an Exercise Readiness Questionnaire for completion before you start, so we can then discuss any issues which could affect your performance.

Q. Will the BootCamp be ‘military style’?
NO! And that’s me not shouting!! I believe in making exercise fun, whilst getting results. It will be a sociable camp, sharing jokes, and laughs throughout the session. Read some of my testimonials to see what my clients think of me, or drop me a line to chat further!

Q. What happens if I miss or don’t turn up for a session I have paid for?
A. You are paying for a month of bootcamp, so there are no “carry overs”. If you’re paying for 1 a week, you can vary the day you attend. However you’re also paying for the vast amount of information and knowledge youll gain on our members forum. Also, it’s in your interest as much as mine to attend each camp. Results are at stake!

Q. What do I wear?!
Anything that you are comfortable in! Good supportive trainers are a must. Tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, anything you can layer really, as you will get hot during the session! Gloves may be a good addition, as some exercises will be flat on the floor, so you may well get dirty! BRING WATER! You’ll get a BodyFit Bootcamp Tshirt on signing up.

Q. What if it rains?
You get wet!! Fat Loss waits for no man or woman! Wear a cap if you wish, but unless it is OTT, Camp still goes on! In for a penny…!! Here’s an “end of a wet ” Farnham College session, still plenty of smiles!

Q. How  do I get started?!
A. Email us at Info@BodyFitBootcamp.co.uk to book a free trial and find out more. Payment can be by bank transfer initially or cheque, and then monthly Standing Orders thereafter.